Unit 2《 We have played football for a year now》教案

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Unit 2 We have played football for a year now

Teaching aims:

Knowledge aims:

Students will grasp the structure and the usage present perfect tense.

Students will understand the sequence of events and behavior of characters.

Ability aims:


Students can conduct conversations on their own routines.

Students are able to find specific information by different reading strategies.

Emotional aims:

Students will be aware of the importance of healthy living.

Students will improve their English learning interest.

Teaching key points and difficult points:

Key points:

The structure of present perfect tense and the sequence of events.

Difficult Points:

How to conduct conversations on their own routines and find specific information by different reading strategies.

Teaching procedures:

Step 1 Lead-in

Greet students as usual and invite them to look at a picture of Yuan Shanshan doing exercise and ask students to talk about how to keep a healthy life. Then lead to the some activities.

Step 2 Pre-reading

Ask the students to describe the activities in the pictures of Activity 1 and get to know different exercises. And let them think which ones are healthy.

Step 3 While-reading

1 Fast reading: ask students to match the people with the pictures in Activity 1.

2 Careful reading: ask students to answer the following questions:

a How long have Anna had the dog and who gave her the dog? ( Her parents gave her for the birthday and she had it for three months.)

b How long have Wang Wei’s class played football and how do they feel? (They have played football for a year and they all feel very fit.)

c What differences does riding a bike bring to Thomas? (After doing this execise, he arrives at work with a smile on his face.)

d Why doesn’t Richard enjoy running to school? (He doesn’t enjoy running, and when he gets to school, he feels awful.)

Step 4 Post-reading

Do a survey: students work in groups of 4 and find what exercise their group members do and the effects they bring to them.

Step 4 Summary and homework

Summary: ask the students to retell the passage according to the key words.

Homework: decide what exercise is the most suitable for themselves and talk about their decisions and reasons with the rest of the class in next period.

Black board design:

Black board design: